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Footskills Soccer started as the result of parent demand, 7 years ago. Today Footskills offers a year round  development and training program.  My journey as a soccer player has nurtured a passion for the game and a strong understanding of what it takes to succeed and enjoy the game.When my daughter made a U12 Gold team it was evident to me that she didn’t have the base skills to support that level of play.  My experience as a player and my years of exposure to some great coaching gave me the experience and confidence that I could take on the role of coaching my daughter.  Other parents started to notice my daughters progress on the field. Her tight foot skills, first touch, ability to keep the ball at her feet, and her vision to play with purpose started to stand out. Parents of the other players on her team started to question me about her training. Recognizing that I could make a difference and had the ability to coach the base skills needed to become a successful U12 player, I took on training more girls. Eventually I had enough interest to make it my full time job. Today training soccer players is not only my job, but my passion.


Footskills Soccer is a year round development program that helps players understand the game of soccer. My philosophy is to build on base skills and work towards keeping the ball, creativity and nurture good decision making. My goal is to support the “complete player”. Being a complete player requires you to be strong and confident in your technical ability, keeping the ball close, and requires a tactical understanding of the game that is not robotic but creative and imaginative. At Footskills, we strive to teach the importance of keeping the ball, distributing with purpose, and making smart unpredictable decisions.

We coach all level of players, forming groups with like minded player mentality.  Player assessments are done on a regular basis with feedback given to parents and players. Our feedback will include how the players development is progressing, report on areas of strength and weakness,  and offer suggestions on how we will support them as they move forward as players. 




Year round development is offered indoors and outdoors at all levels, with the emphasis on developing the players technical abilities in small group sessions.

Private, Semi-Private and Small Group Training:

We offer training in a more individual environment focusing on 1-4 players.These sessions offer a more personalized technical assessment of skills.

Travel (Elite) Tournament Teams:

Each year we select Elite teams that will travel to tournaments within Canada and the USA to play in high level tournaments.  Tryouts are held in June of each year.

Team Coaching:

We offer team coaching. A Footskills coach will come to one of your teams regular practice sessions and  offer player training, and will assess the needs of the team. From the assessment, Footskills will help your coaches put a 6 week plan together to support the needs of the team.